Official Plymouth-Dakar Challenge 2005
PDC05 Group 1 Departs Plymouth December 17, 2004
PDC05 Group 2 Departs Plymouth December 26, 2004
PDC05 Group 3 Departs Plymouth December 29, 2004
PDC05 Group 4 Departs Plymouth February 18, 2005
PDC05 Short Message Service (SMS) News

Other Conservation Organizations (you should know about)
Snow Leopard Conservancy
Wildlife Conservation Network

West Africa Organizations of Note
African Family Film Foundation
Friends of Senegal and The Gambia
PDC 2005 Team Websites
Team Strangely Brown
The Flying Swan
Team Last Post
Creamy Treats
Team Rural Chic
Team Highland Bling
Sons of Hasselhoff
Team Area 51
Smokey and the Bandit
Slightly Clive Racing
Team Why Not!
Team Bouncing Czech
Team Lost Baja
Strange Rovers
Pint Pullers
Spandanglo Meteors
The African Bullfrogs
Team Lemon Aid
Team Push 924
African Truck Drive
The Bocastle Busker
Team GWR
Team Bluebird Blaggers
Team Big Mamathon
No Sleep Till Dakar

PDC 2004 Team Websites
Tractor Boys
Team Red Spider
Kiwi Cavaliers
Team La de da de Dakar
Mif & Becks
Team DB
Team Mitchelotti
Team Englishouse
The Fast and the Dubious
Rust Safari
Desert Prats
Trippel M

PDC 2003 Team Website
Team Danger Weasels