The success of the Challenge will be entirely due to the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

First and formost I would like to thank Milton Kwock of Hayward, California for his help in setting up this website. Milton is "my IT guy" and without his time and energy there would be no Pekin Boys website.

Kudos as well to Becky Howard of Homer, Alaska for designing and making a killer Pekin Boys homepage.

Thanks to Jeff "Lawless" Lawlor of Spokane, Washington for the dash accoutrement "Grona Girl" who will ensure us safe passage to The Gambia.
Pekin Boys web hosting is being graciously provided by Tiger Technologies
Thanks to Garry Remsberg of Juneau, Alaska for computer support and uploading website files I emailed him during the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge 2005.

Thanks to Ronald Batie, Sr. of San Jose, California for covering half the cost of the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge 2005 entrance fee.

Thanks to Doug and Karen Peters of Williams, Arizona for covering the other half the of the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge 2005 entrance fee.

Thanks to Jon Clark of San Jose, California. His patronage aided with lodging in Western Sahara.

Thanks to Jen Perga of Winsted, Connecticut for help in accommodation costs in Spain.

Thanks to Grayson Porter of Fort Myers, Florida for assistance in covering lodging in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott.

Thanks to Ray "No Film" Umeda of Saratoga, California. His backing provided accommodations in Morocco.

Thanks to Andrea and Allen Kanyon Lowe of Mount Vernon, Washington. Their sponsorship provided the Shogun with auto insurance for Morocco and Western Sahara.

Thanks to Rich Mountjoy of Redmond, Oregon for spotting those first few pints on the other side of the pond.

Thanks to Cindy and Stan Kelly of San Jose, California for the gift of a digital camera. If all goes well you should be seeing images from the challenge on the travelogue page.

Generous Contributions to the Pekin Boys Charities are welcome at any time!